For project-based installations, our capability extends to the design, procurement, logistics and delivery of hardware and connectivity.

We can source specialised military grade parts, accessories and components. Through our supply chain partners, we are able to build and install to specifications, working alongside incumbent stakeholders to deliver top class projects. Project operations can include meeting stringent security and vetting requirements, access and permissions.

We have processes and procedures in place which assist with the sensitive nature of many Defence projects. We also implement process controls for Quality Assurance in relation to the standard of work.

In instances where there is a planned relocation of facilities, or a major project, we can get involved from the early stages of planning, scoping and project management, or can be engaged as the preferred delivery partner, be this via a tender process or through competitive quoting.

Read about how we’ve made the difference for a Defence client below:

Patrol Boat Communications

Client Austal

Pathfinder has performed several small scopes of work for optical fibre specialist inspection and repairs.
Austal manufactured a total of 14 Armidale class patrol boats for the RAN between 2004 and 2007 and included advanced networking and communications infrastructure as a part of the design.

During repair and maintenance work campaigns undertaken on several of the vessels, Pathfinder has been called in by Austal to perform OTDR and insertion loss testing of the on-board optical fibre cabling, report on the condition and perform any necessary repairs. This generally involved the in-situ re-splicing of optical fibre pigtails or fitment of site-installable connectors. This optical fibre work was frequently undertaken in extreme conditions of dust and heat during vessel dry-dock refit tasks such as painting and sand-blasting.

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