Pathfinder have been a trusted customer connection contractor for telecommunications carriers for over 10 years. During this time, we’ve delivered services to recognised national providers including; equipment installation for backhaul, transit and core networking.

In addition, our teams are experienced in working with backbone network installations, customer premises equipment and cabling and customer access networking infrastructure in exchanges and data centres.

Specifically, for telecommunications companies, we are trusted to provide live splicing cut-overs and service restoration assurance.

Within data centres and exchanges where critical equipment and infrastructure is housed, we have a strong track record in installing and supporting new power systems, cabling pathways and trays and earthing. Our capabilities extend to managing the logistics of rack building and installation projects.

Read about how we’ve made the difference for a Telecommunications client below:

Telstra Data & IP / Strategic Ethernet Project

Client Visionstream (Telstra Tier 1 contractor)

Apr 2017 – Apr 2018

Starting in early 2017 Pathfinder starting working with Visionstream as a subcontractor on the Telstra SEP (Strategic Ethernet Project), later called the Data & IP project. The project was intended to augment and improve Telstra’s offering of high speed Ethernet-based optical fibre connections to commercial customers. Pathfinder was engaged to deploy Cisco and MRV hardware in Telstra exchanges at more than multiple locations at Perth metro sites and regional towns including Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Northam and Geraldton.

Our responsibilities included:

  • Installation of new racks, including fixing into place, earthing and assembly of basic elements such as PDUs and mounting frames
  • Making new power connections, including work on live DC systems
  • Installation and fit-out of active equipment, including mounting and connection of line cards and port modules
  • Installation of passive equipment such as optical distribution frame sub-racks (fibre optic breakout trays), optical ducting and cable tray
  • Modification of existing
  • Hauling, termination, splicing and testing of optical fibre tie cables in an exchange environment, including work around live equipment
  • Installation of out-of-band management connection cabling
  • 10Gb uplink integration initiation checks

Pathfinder was pleased to assist Visionstream as the principal contractor to Telstra with over 40 separate scopes of work executed on time and on budget.

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