Pathfinder Technology Group is committed to protecting the environment and the prevention of pollution when conducting its business. Pathfinder expects all employees and contractors to act responsibly toward the environment by performing their work in a manner which causes minimal impact.

What Pathfinder will do

Provide guidance so that all employees and contractors:

  • Are aware of the requirements for all persons to conduct their work without impact to the environment.
  • Understand the environmental risk of their tasks.
  • Understand their legal responsibilities and accountabilities in regard to the protection of the environment and the powers of the regulators in ensuring that people conduct their work and maintain the environment
  • Have the skills to perform their work with minimal impact on the environment through risk analysis, responsible planning and implementation of control measures.
  • Are aware of the requirements for reporting of environmental incidents/emergencies.
  • Are aware of each person’s environmental responsibilities and accountabilities in the organisation.
  • As a minimum, manage its operations in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and statutory requirements relating to the environment.

What you should do

  • Be aware of the environmental responsibilities associated with your job.
  • Before you start any task, stop and think about the environmental risks associated with the task and ensure that all control measures are in place and are implemented.
  • Inform your Supervisor if you are not adequately skilled and trained in the environmental awareness and control measures and practices associated with your work.
  • Report all actual or potential environmental hazards, incidents and emergencies to your immediate supervisor and/or site manager in accordance with the endorsed procedures.
  • Monitor your work and review any potential for environmental impact.

What Supervisors will do

  • Ensure that everyone is aware of the importance of conducting their work without any damage to the environment.
  • Provide staff with the required resources, training and documentation to perform their work in accordance with the Environmental Policy and the Statutory Standards required by law.
  • Report all environmental incidents and near misses in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • When working on different sites assess any differences in site environmental requirements and communicate to staff any necessary changes to meet the specific requirements.