Over the last decade, we’ve been entrusted to deliver a broad range of responsible projects – getting things done, making our customers’ lives easier.

With a combination of our specialist equipment and supplier base and a highly skilled & respected team of technicians, our construct and install project capability includes;

  • Fibre Optic Jointing and Testing – jointing, splicing, testing and commissioning of all optical fibre types and technologies. All of our technicians are trained in optical fibre splicing as part of their work with our company and all of our staff regularly and continuously perform optical fibre splicing and testing work.
  • OPGW termination, joint supply, installation and modification.
  • Blown fibre installation and maintenance, with our own compressors and blowing heads.
  • Customer access network construction, customer premises equipment installations and customer premises network cabling installation work for carriers, including outside plant and exchange splicing.
  • Rack builds – pre staging of equipment, AC and DC panels and wiring, communications cabling for sub systems and alarm wiring, procurement and logistics. Design and supply of custom enclosures, accessories and fittings.
  • General Contracting for optical fibre, data and electrical cabling

What our clients say

  • Throughout my relationship with the guys at Pathfinder, I have always found them to be highly professional, extremely well-informed and always open to providing sound advice. Taking on projects as they do, they deliver with confidence and an assurance that we’re in great hands.

    HT: WA Utility Supplier
  • Pathfinder are one of a kind; they simply take ownership of every single project, carefully managing with supreme attention to detail and accuracy. They’re not afraid to put forward their ideas… however, this is based on a fantastic pool of expertise that they hold within their team. When you’re dealing with highly technical matters, you need to collaborate with people you can trust to get the job done. Pathfinder definitely fall into this category.

    GJ: Telecommunications Provider

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