For many switched-on I.T. businesses, we build successful partnerships in order to deliver projects which recognise and utilise collaborative skills. In these instances, a partnership can produce great results for either our customers or the end-clients of an I.T. business.

More specifically, we help I.T. businesses extend their end-client offering into; whole-scope delivery of wireless LAN infrastructure, data centre rack & stacks and related high capacity structured cabling. For I.T. end-users, we can provide the full suite of installation services from AC and DC power to workstation cabling, all at the end-user location.

On occasions, we recruit the specialist services of I.T. businesses who are able to research and design new solutions and also assist and troubleshoot operational issues on existing infrastructure. This helps to minimise business disruption, and in many cases improves performance and productivity as it relates to the services they offer.

Read about how we’ve made the difference for an I.T. client below:

Woodside Office relocation “WHQ”

Client Woodside

Feb-Dec 2018

In late 2017 Woodside Energy (Australia’s largest natural gas producer) began detailed planning for an IT and networking uplift from their long-term home on St Georges Tce, Perth to a new state-of-the-art headquarters building. As part of the process to re-establish their presence in a new location with zero business disruption, Pathfinder Technology Group was engaged as a specialist cabling contractor. Pathfinder was given responsibility to participate in the planning of the redeployment of networking and IT infrastructure devices as well as the actual setup and reconnection of devices.

As a subcontractor to Vocus Communications, Pathfinder technicians also performed lead-in cable installations and splicing works to establish dark fibre links between the new Woodside building and the off-site data centre location.

As part of the overall plan, Woodside undertook to relocate some systems to an off-site location at a time well in advance of the date of the formal transition from the old building to the new. Pathfinder supplied and installed structured optical fibre and copper cabling at that location as well as services to install and connect relocated devices such as network switches, servers and storage arrays.

During the period of the formal transition, we provided a large team of technicians to perform 12 planned, synchronised week-end work campaigns of cabling and patching work to bring the various systems on-line with no disruption to the business. Some campaigns involved simultaneous work at multiple locations and all campaigns involved working with Woodside’s principal IT contractor, Cope (specialist sensitive equipment transport), Dell EMC, Cisco as well as the Woodside IT and Networking groups. All 12 campaigns were completed within the intended outage windows with all systems being returned to service by the principal IT contractor as planned.

All of the single mode and multimode optical fibre and copper patch cords were procured from Pathfinder for this important project, including vendor specific cabling and cabling accessories.

After the completion of the move, Pathfinder assisted in the final exit from the old data centre with decommissioning tasks including removal and disposal of cabling and racks.

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