Ensuring first class IT connectivity

It goes without saying that Information Technology – IT – plays a vital role in today’s personal, commercial, and not-for-profit uses. Its applications are so widespread and “common” to our everyday life that we take it for granted that wherever we go into – for example – new offices, we expect to be able to pick up the phone, email, log on to computers, access electronic files and more, easily. 

Information technology is the building blocks of a connected communications network for a company. 

As an organisation focused on connected communications technology, we at Pathfinder, are proud to work with IT providers and businesses to deliver projects that can enhance results for either our own customers or the end clients of said IT business partner.

IT Partnerships Benefits & Capabilities 

Collaboration with IT businesses means our partners benefit from a wide range of network and communication infrastructure expertise, utilising our multi-disciplined capability to deliver individual or combinations of Design, Procurement, Construct & Install and Maintenance services.

This helps our IT business partners to extend the following offering to their end clients:

  • carrier connections and high capacity links
  • whole-scope delivery of fixed network and wireless LAN infrastructure, 
  • sourcing and installation of data centre rack & stacks and related structured cabling.
  • providing a full suite of installation services from AC and DC power to workstation cabling
  • further access and connections to specialist IT professionals who are able to research and design new solutions.
  • specialist network testing
  • troubleshooting operational issues on existing infrastructure. 

Partnership for the win: Woodside

In late 2017, we contracted with Woodside as part of their move to their current state-of-the-art Perth headquarters building.  Participating in the relocation of corporate IT and networking infrastructure devices with zero business disruptions.

We were engaged as a specialist cabling contractor, responsible for participating in the planning of the redeployment of networking and IT infrastructure devices as well as the actual setup and reconnection of devices, including:

  • Work as a Vocus partner on lead-in cable installations and splicing works to establish dark fibre links between the new Woodside building and the off-site data centre location.
  • supply and install of structured optical fibre and copper cabling and relocated devices such as network switches, servers and storage arrays.
  • procurement of optical fibre and copper patch cords, power cables and specialist data cables.

Pathfinder technicians and team members were involved in 12 campaigns during the transition period, in which devices were relocated and re-cabled – all completed during planned after hours outage windows.  All systems were up and running with zero disruption for the principal IT contractor and Woodside, the end user. 

Contact us to extend your IT services 

Pathfinder welcomes discussions and partnership opportunities with reputable and customer focused IT businesses in Perth, to mutually extend competitiveness and offerings to our customers and your end clients. 

Get in touch for a chat today. 

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