Get to know the Founders and Leaders at Pathfinder Tech

Jonathan Ellery, Simon Ellery and Kim Hicks have been in the communications industry, working on many industrial and commercial projects to make sure that people’s everyday lives and their workplace environments stay well connected, for over a decade. We find out more about their experience and passion for quality communications. 

In February 2010, three communications professionals – Simon Ellery, Jonathan Ellery and Kim Hicks – established Pathfinder Technology Group.

Prior, the trio had been in the industry, working on many industrial and commercial projects to make sure that people’s everyday lives and their workplace environments stay well connected.

Over a decade later, Simon, Jonathan and Kim have established a portfolio of telecommunications and electrical expertise which they and their team deploy to a number of well-established enterprise clients.

So let’s get behind the scenes and find out more about Simon, Jonathan and Kim.

Simon Ellery

Simon has over 20 years experience in the Telecommunications and ICT sector, with international experience gained through working for MCIWorldcom in the UK, and project managing a Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) project in Toronto, Canada for Eastern Independent Telecom.

Upon returning to WA, Simon continued work in the field as a fibre optic technician and project manager at Downer EDI Engineering. There he managed a team of technicians and delivered fibre optic focussed projects.

Simon subsequently worked as a Business Development Manager for Downer and a Perth based Systems Integrator before establishing and leading Pathfinder Technology as the Operations Manager.

Jonathan Ellery B.Eng. (Electronic)

After 15 years of working with Yokogawa Electric Corporation as an instrumentation and process control engineer, you can’t doubt that Jonathan has a good grounding in industrial electronics, communications and process technologies!

During this time Jonathan also worked in the mining industry, upstream and downstream oil & gas and industrial chemicals.

For the latter half of his time with Yokogawa, Jonathan held senior sales and management roles with the company.

Following that, he took up a stint for 3 years as Business Development Manager for a contractor in the mining industry with a focus on Iron Ore.

With a total of 30 years’ experience – with the most recent 12 years as the Principal Engineer for Pathfinder – Jonathan has gained a strong knowledge in the telecommunications optical fibre speciality.

Kim Hicks

After completing his electrical apprenticeship in 2000, Kim spent 4 years working in commercial sites as an electrician, before moving across to optical fibre work as an optical fibre technician for Downer EDI and a local Perth specialist contractor.

Here, Kim gained 6 years of experience in diverse telecommunications environments.

In the last 12 years Kim has acted as Team Leader and Project Manager at Pathfinder Technology, providing his leadership colleagues and team members with valuable insights and leadership in optical fibre technology.

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Simon, Jonathan and Kim are always keen for a new challenge and working collaboratively with companies across many industries for their connected communications needs.

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