Giving back to our local community who supports our passions and endeavours

Pathfinder Modernians Sponsorship

On Wednesday 3 May 2023, our very own Managing Director, Simon Ellery, and Principal Engineer, Jonathan Ellery, attended the formal uniform unveiling of the Modernians Hockey Club at Warwick Hockey Centre.

Pathfinder Technology Group is a proud major sponsor of Modernians Hockey Club, and we are also the main jersey sponsor for the first men’s and first women’s teams for the club.

Modernians is a family friendly club that believes hockey is everyone, and caters for boys and girls and men and women from 4 to 84 years old.

The club was established in 1932 as an ex-student and associated club for Perth Modern School. This association is evident through the shared sphinx logo and the colours that the club shares with the school.

Supporting local, supporting community, supporting our values 

As a team and a Perth-based business, we are big believers in supporting our local community, who have helped us grow our operations and provided us with the ongoing opportunity to continue to exercise our passion and commitment for innovative, connected communications.

Modernians’ family focused, inclusive and open environment are all values that we at Pathfinder also share, as they help create a respectful, safe and welcoming workplace.

In addition, we also realise the importance of physical activity, and that coupled with the social context that Modernians Hockey Club provides, can contribute greatly to enhancing the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Modernians Hockey Club is one way we at Pathfinder support our local community. Our leaders and team are strong and active supporters of causes and initiatives that they believe in, including Dry July and raising funds for Canteen Australia.

Find out more about Modernians Hockey Club 

If you, your teams and organisations are keen to also support local community groups, you can check out Modernians Hockey Club and their work with and for many Western Australians on their website.

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