Introducing Pathfinder’s New Project Manager, Rob Soussa

Rob Soussa and PTG Team

This month, we at Pathfinder Technology Group, excitedly welcome Robert (Rob) Soussa into our team. Many in our connected communications industry might have already met, worked, talked and shared a word or two with Rob.

He has after all been in this sector for 25+ years, mainly working to provide support for multinational companies and clients such as Telstra, FMG, BHP, NextGen and Optus. 

In addition to bringing his extensive experience and knowledge of our important industry to Pathfinder, Rob’s presence will also ensure that our directors and leadership team – Simon, Jonathan and Kim – are able to pursue growth and innovation opportunities.

Rob shared some of his story and more when it comes to work, life and joining the Pathfinder “family.” 

What were your roles and responsibilities prior to joining Pathfinder?

Rob: So directly prior to being part of the team here, I was the Field and Construction Manager at Ventia (previously known as VisionStream), for 12 – 13 years. My work here involved developing strong working and customer relations between three parties: the delivery team I work with, the client and the client’s customers – the end users so to speak. 

As mentioned in my introduction, I have been in the telecommunications industry for 25+ years. During that time, Telstra has been a major client of mine, and I have had the opportunity to work on so many diverse and important projects that ensure our communities – wherever they are – are connected! 

What made you do the move to Pathfinder? 

Rob: I obviously know Simon, Jonathan and Kim for many years now through working in the industry. These guys and their small but tightly knit and happy team are well known for doing things well and efficiently, for delivering quality each and every time, and for being a local go-to for our industry. 

The idea of working with a local company, where I can directly help to innovate and improve the company for growth and release capacity for its directors to look ahead into the future and stay competitive is a refreshing and exciting challenge. 

I feel like I am joining something more than just a new workplace, business or office. Instead I am really pleased to be part of a team who really support each other. 

So a big thanks shout out to Simon, Jonathan, Kim and the whole of the Pathfinder team for giving me the opportunity to join your collaborative and friendly operations. 

What does a Project Manager role involve?

Rob: My focus here at Pathfinder will be end to end project management, getting involved from the tendering process through to the daily project management of current contracts with our long term and valued clients – Western Power, Vocus and AGIG – amongst others. 

My day to day can include quoting, material logistics, programming and scheduling of work, managing our delivery and operational teams, communications and engagement with the technicians and clients, and job completion and handover . 

How would you describe your Project Management style?

Rob: For me, having a solid understanding and appreciation of all stakeholders’ objectives – what makes them happy and motivated – is essential. In this role, I want to make sure that at our core foundation we have happy teams, because as they say, happy teams = happy clients. 

To ensure a motivated and happy team, I want to make sure that everything they need to know and achieve is organised in front of them. This means the team has all the information as they move from job to job so that they are able to do their work effectively and efficiently. 

From the client side, I am a believer in having full knowledge of their KPIs so that we can meet their project outcomes and goals on time and with high quality results. Being on time, on budget, and delivering both of these within the client’s safety guidelines and culture is important to building successful, happy and long lasting relationships. 

Outside of all things connected communications, what do you enjoy doing?

Rob: Being healthy, working out and keeping fit is important for me, along with the ability to spend quality time with my family, friends and colleagues. 

Lastly, having been in this industry for 25+ years, what has been the most memorable moment? 

Rob: There are so many memorable moments and memories! But instead of one event or project, I will say what I have been privileged to experience through my work within the communications sector is the opportunity to travel all over Australia, viewing our country’s different and unique terrains whilst ensuring that our communities are connected. 

I have worked on projects that stretch from Perth to Karratha, Darwin to Alice Springs and in Bendigo. I have visited some of the most remote parts of Australia, working on projects such as fibre optics civil construction in Arnhem Land for our Indigenous communities.

These rich experiences have formed my perspective on work, life, culture and more.

Get in touch with Rob

To get in touch with Rob for any connected communications project or to simply say “hello,” we encourage you to pop into our Balcatta office or get in touch. 

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