Investment in Data Security and Sovereignty on a continued upward trajectory

Dark fibre

National telecoms companies are aiming to further expand their backbone network capacity and offer direct fibre services, including a range of connectivity improvements within domestic data centres across Australia. This reflects increases in demand for maximum uptime, higher thresholds of security & data sovereignty, and robust data protection.

Whilst for many SME businesses and local Public Sector organisations in WA – cyber security remains a strong focus, for the telecom industry, the scope of responsibility extends to Data Sovereignty. Indeed, certification now exists under the federal government’s Hosting Certification Framework, which aims to minimise sovereign risk by maintaining and securing crucial data and services onshore.

The move towards the Cloud 

As the adoption of cloud services continue to soar on the back of the pandemic-era surge in digital transformation – Gartner has predicted public cloud spending will approach $693 billion ($US500b) globally, this year. Seamless interconnectivity into and among cloud platforms is now crucial for managed service providers (MSPs) and other wholesalers.

The increasing demands made by customers and users of their telecommunications infrastructure has seen providers looking for solutions that equally service both on-premises and data centre solutions.

It’s a trend that is likely to continue for the long term, Gartner anticipates, with data centre systems spending increasing by 5.8 percent this year – slower than the 20.4 percent growth of the public cloud market, but still strong enough that end users will look to Managed Service Providers that can meet their increasingly complex interconnectivity requirements.

Direct fibre services to support Cloud and more secure, faster digital infrastructure 

A direct fibre service provides dedicated fibre-optic capacity that delivers secure, scalable infrastructure for end-customer requirements. The telecommunication infrastructure required to support this growing demand for increased security cannot be underestimated.

“A direct fiber service can be cost effective when high bandwidth applications are required at different geographical locations, and also when business growth and the relative IT support services are expanding rapidly explained Pathfinder Director, Simon Ellery.

“Maintaining backhaul capacity in a carrier network is a constant challenge as many businesses are now demanding a fibre optic based service to meet bandwidth requirements. 

“To work on a carrier’s backbone network fibre infrastructure and the associated customer fibre connections network takes dedication, knowledge and elbow grease. We highly recommend working with experienced fibre optic technicians to do this successfully and in a cost effective way. This ensures that the value of the fibre solution is delivered early and continuously for a business with a direct fibre connection.”

Find out more about fibre optic connectivity options 

To find out more about direct fibre services and/or other fibre optic options to enhance, improve or kick-start your telecommunications requirements, please get in touch with one of our Pathfinder team members.

Our leadership team – Kim, Jonathan and Simon – have almost a century of combined experience in this field, and together with their team they continue to innovate this space and provide the quality results they are well known for amongst their partners and customers. 

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