Pathfinder congratulates Vocus on high-tech Allianz Stadium

Allianz Stadium

Here at Pathfinder Technology Group, we are passionate about innovations that enhance the ability for business and the public to communicate and connect effectively, wherever and whenever.

So, of course, we got excited with the recent innovation at Sydney’s high-tech Allianz Stadium, powered by Vocus’ IP Burst’ communications technology and clever 95th percentile billing feature. The stadium has subscribed to a 1 Gbps connection but can ‘burst’ up to 5 Gbps speed at up to 5% of the time at no additional cost.

Pathfinder Director, Simon Ellery, commented on the importance of continuing to push the envelope in supporting the building of Australia’s digital economy.

“Congratulations to the team at Vocus for their successful implementation of Wi-Fi 6 network of 800 meshed wireless access at Allianz Stadium that will provide five-times extra speed during football matches and concerts, creating an immersive digital experience for guests,” said Simon.

“Innovations such as these help to inspire, encourage and support our industry to find new and innovative applications to make the most of high-capacity connections, so we at Pathfinder welcome and embrace this news.”

More on Vocus’ IP Burst

Vocus’ superfast 5Gbps fibre will underpin the technological innovation within the stadium, including more than 1,500 networked NEC information screens, giant bonded LED displays running for 1.1km and jumbo 27m Daktronics scoreboards in the stadium bowl.

However, it will be people, not screens, who will really benefit from the 5Gbps pipe: a massive, precisely engineered Wi-Fi 6 network of 800 meshed wireless access points will power game day connectivity for up to 50,000 guests.

The Wi-Fi will support the community with live social sharing as well as helping people finding their way from their couch to their seat with the stadium’s companion app. The stadium is also looking at adding augmented reality and other applications benefiting from high bandwidth to improve customer experience.

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Access the full news story on this telecommunications innovation by Vocus on their website.

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