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SUBCO and Pathfinder

NEWS! The Pathfinder Technology Group team is excited to share that we are providing support for SUBCO’s OAC system (Oman-Australia Cable).

In case you missed it, in late October 2023, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese “switched on” the new $300 Million highspeed telecommunications cable directly linking Western Australia to key global markets, at an official launch event in Perth.

The new OAC system (Oman-Australia Cable) built by Australian owned and operated company SUBCO would be a gamechanger for Australia – enabling direct ultra high-speed data connectivity from both the East and West Coasts of Australia to the Middle-East and Europe for the first time.

Quotes attributed to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese (from SUBCO’s media release):

“This new international cable will make Western Australia a critical data hub for the country,” Mr Albanese said.

“Ensuring Australian businesses and industry can share data quickly and securely to global markets has never been more critical to our country’s economic future.

“OAC delivers more capacity to support Australia’s growing digital economy and jobs.”

Quotes attributed to WA Premier, Mr Mark McGowan (from SUBCO’s media release):

“Western Australia is an export state,” Mr McGowan said. “For the first time WA will now be directly connected to the Middle-East, Indian and European markets through a 9,800 km optical fibre system providing WA with its own international data super-highway. “Ensuring WA has access to world class digital infrastructure is critical in an increasingly data driven economy.”

Quotes attributed to SUBCO Founder, Mr Bevan Slattery (from SUBCO’s media release):

“This Oman Australia Cable opens up a new secure and low latency express route between Australia and EMEA and is the only cable that avoids other legacy systems built in heavily congested waters including the Malacca and Sunda Straits as well as South China Sea,” Mr Slattery said.

“As a result, all of Australia will now have access to improved network performance and reliability through this completely new route to the Middle-East and Europe from Australia.”

Pathfinder’s involvement

Our very own Jonathan Ellery and other team members were honoured to be present at SUBCO’s Perth launch, and are now pleased to share that Pathfinder Technology Group is providing expert services to support the submarine cable system 24/7/365.

“A BIG thanks to SUBCO for the opportunity to work together and contribute to this game changing initiative for Australia!” commented Jonathan.

“Pathfinder is excited to be able to act as the support contractor for the OAC’s Perth-based cable landing station transmission and power feed equipment and to have successfully worked with SUBCO to move smoothly from the construction phase to operation of the system.”

More information

For more information on SUBCO and their OAC innovation, visit their website to read the relevant media release.

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