Preparation is key to our commitment of minimal impact to your end-customers

Pathfinder preparation

It’s been all hands on deck here at the Pathfinder workshop and warehouse as our team prepare enclosures and link cables for a Carrier client.

This preparation supports important fibre outages that happen during night works so that our clients’ planned works go smoothly and their customers are not adversely affected by network re-configurations.

How do we do that?

By regularly working on high capacity fibre links carrying important traffic and turning them up on behalf of our carrier clients and reconfiguring them as requested in the field.

We rely on our technical staff to do the hard work at night, and in remote locations, to carry out fibre jointing and splicing works and re-test backbone cables under pressure to restore services by the end of the maintenance window.

By having everything organised and any pre-works completed efficiently, we ensure these works go as smoothly as possible.

Why is preparation key to successful connected communications?

As you can imagine, this preparation at our workshop means that when our technical staff are on remote sites – which take time and resources to get to – they can have confidence (and peace of mind) that the enclosures and link cables will work correctly, removing any need for delays.

BIG thanks to all our team members for getting on board quickly and efficiently for this important preparation, which in turn supports our commitment to be organised, mobilised and resolved so that all our connected communications work have minimal impact to our clients and their end-customers.

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