PTG Growth Roadmap supported by Entrepreneur Programme

Pathfinder have been a beneficiary of the Federal Government ‘Entrepreneur Programme’ over the last 12 months. The Growth Roadmap has provided invaluable support to our leadership team through facilitation and match funding, in order to support our growth objectives.

Details of the Entrepreneur Programme can be found here…

We’d like to thank Andrew Canion in particular for his work with us. Andrew is a great member of the EP facilitation team in WA.

One of the Entrepreneur Programmes’ focus is on finding appropriate consultants with suitable business ownership experience, to work alongside a leadership/management team, to deliver tangible inputs and outcomes. The EP enables the consultants fees to be match funded and it’s a effective way of bringing in some short term added impetus and fresh perspective to a business.

For us, this worked out really well and the outcome has been a collaborative 5 year financial and business growth plan, an external communications refresh and some new digital marketing assets which we feel properly reflect our business and where we’re heading. We’d like to thank Paul Clarke and Josh Horneman at Illumium who supported us with their consulting work over the last few months.

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