Safe, healthy and happy workforce equals happy clients


Here at Pathfinder Technology Group, it goes without saying that safety of our people, contractors and our workplace – whether that is within our own offices or out in the field – is an important facet that we embed in our company culture and activities. 

Working safely is vital to the future of our business, especially as our industry, people and contractors are presented with daily hazards that range from night time cutovers, working next to railways and roads, to working in High Voltage Switchyards and Substations, sometimes for long hours or in poor weather conditions. 

In the absence of a safety first work culture, there is no sustainable development for our people and contractors, our clients and our business. This is because studies – and indeed through our own 20+ years industry experience – show that a safe and secure workplace have the following positive results:

  • Increased feeling of being valued amongst team members resulting in their commitment to also contribute to the well-being of their colleagues and workplace;
  • Higher employee retention and satisfaction, contributing to a happier workplace and of course, happier clients who benefit from our committed and engaged team members;

Regardless, we think we can all agree that improving workplace safety is simply the right thing to do. 

Here are some of the ways that Pathfinder Technology Group prioritise safety for our people and contractors, workplace and clients. We hope that these safety measures and commitments also inspire you and your business in whatever industry to also prioritise safety. 

OH&S Policy 

Our board of directors has adopted an OH&S policy statement on 20 May 2014.

In the policy, we indicate we are committed to:

  • Ensuring that our people participate in the development of application of our safety policies, plans and procedures. 
  • Including OH&S in all our strategic planning and management processes. 
  • Defining levels of responsibility and accountability for our safety performance and rating, supported with the right training and skills development for identified OH&S officers. 
  • Include OH&S in all our internal and client communications and engagement. 
  • Making sure that All of our health and safety related information and documentation shall be available to our staff at all times.

Ongoing safety training 

At Pathfinder Technology, we make sure that employees and contractors are familiar with the company OH&S policies, plans and documents which are relevant to their own business activities.  We provide resources, training and touch and/or check-in points to ensure that employees are always capable of fulfilling this requirement.

Industry health and safety compliance

We will comply with our statutory duties and obligations under the Western Australia Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 as well as other State, Territory and Federal legislation, regulations and national Codes of Practice.  Further, we will constantly seek to improve our plans and practices and act to measure our improvements.

CM3 pre-qualified

Pathfinder Technology Group is CM3 prequalified which means we are able to demonstrate our health and safety capabilities to current and potential clients. 

Cm3 is a web-based Work Health & Safety (WHS) system that businesses use to source, prequalify and evaluate their contractors.

Achieving our pre-qualification requires a series of Work and Health Safety management and compliance, including:

  • Ensuring that we have the right insurances and licenses to meet our client’s requirements;
  • A comprehensive assessment of our safety systems;
  • Having champions within our business to ensure we follow our OH&S policies and procedures;
  • Having processes into place to make sure that our contractors are carefully selected based on WHS capabilities and practices which comply with current WHS legislation.
  • Identifying further opportunities to enhance the safety of our people, contractors and our clients. 

More information on our safety commitment

To find out more about Pathfinder Technology’s safety commitment and focus, please visit our Safety page or get in touch to talk to one of our OH&S specialist team members.

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